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Training your dog can be serious business or it can be fun.  We want to help you make it fun. The reasons for keeping an accurate training log is a wise use of your time and energy.

When you keep track of your training, you give yourself the opportunity to step back and see where you’re making progress, and where it would help to devote your effort. Being able to analyze your development as a team is invaluable in focusing your time and energy where you need it most. As we and our dogs move ahead in our training efforts, its easy to forget where you started, or even some of the steps along the way.  Logs help with this as do videos.

LogMyDog has all the resources to make it easier for you to keep training records. You can create your training plans, set up the goals for each step of your plan and even break it down into criteria for each session.  We even give you a place to store links to your training videos so you can have a visual record of your progress.

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