Logging Your Training Sessions

When I broached the subject of creating this site on a very popular Facebook group, here is what the admin of the group asked for:

Here's the information I'd like to keep track of for each session: criteria for each step, parameters (automatically generated, but with the option of adding or removing), number of reps, number of successful reps, a randomizer for duration schedules, being able to set push/drop/stick reminders with previous or next step highlighted when reached, the ability to add or remove splits in criteria, notes. All of this voice-activated so it can keep track of clicks or verbal markers.

Obviously I couldn't program the voice activation since that would be a function of the tool being used to access this website, but the rest has been included here for you to log about each of your training sessions with your dog.

Here is a sample of what your logs could look like.

Log for: Grooming

Date/Time Location/Gogal/Comments Criteria Reps Successful Reps Reinforcement Schedule Used Push, Drop or Stick Need to Split
01/10/16 10:00 Hairy Hounds

Do it please take 2
Groomed 1 0 Continuous Stick No
01/10/16 07:00 Hairy Hound

doing it 1 1 Continuous Push No